Common Sense Has Left The Restaurant Industry

November 23rd, 2022 by admin Leave a reply »


My brother came over this morning and he started telling me about his date Saturday night…well not so much about his date but about the great experience he had at The Yard House…the exceptional service, truly well prepared food and did he mention the awesome service…which got us on to this jag about the state of “service” in our Industry…not a new one to us or anyone else who decides to go out to eat in a full service restaurant these days.

We are all aware that the day of the 6000-15000sf restaurant is largely a thing of the past…even the popular casual dining chains have lessened their footprints to 3000-4500sf. The reason…Labor Dollars…it takes a large staff and the willingness to spend on employees to properly staff a large building in order to give good, much less great service.

In addition to downsizing the units the corporations kept growing and the need to pay the higher corporate costs put pressure on the the units…so in their infinite wisdom the concept of “Minimal Staffing” was enacted and budgets were made accordingly…in order for anyone to make a bonus, not to mention keep their jobs, the focus turned from the dining room to the clock…and this friends was the end of service as we knew it!


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